Maison de I’Europe de Paris is implementing a new project called EUbyCITIZENS in cooperation with YIHR BiH and another 9 partner organisations from Europe.

The European Union is facing up to the mistrust of European citizens. The Maison de l’Europe de Paris and its partners are convinced that, by stimulating the knowledge of the history and the current role of the European Union, the distrust which prevails these days might disappear.

Therefore, the Maison de l’Europe de Paris developed the EUbyCITIZENS project, which aims to reach many citizens from various groups through partners established in 10 countries. The project takes place in Member States (France, Bulgaria, Spain, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Romania) and candidate countries (Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia), from East to West in Europe. This political and geographical diversity represents the wealth of European culture. It allows having a contrasting outlook of the EU and its issues and guarantees the relevance of the project.

The goal is to give the keys for a better understanding of European history and current European policies in order to better involve the citizens in the democratic process.

To this end, experts from civil society debate in several countries with citizens representatives on three topics: the history of the European Union, its values, and the impact of European policies in daily life. They write together a booklet entitled “The European Union seen by the European citizens”. The authors could be inspired by a former booklet written by the “Maison de l’Europe de Paris” with 3 partners (from Luxemburg, Poland and Germany) in 2012 and available in 3 languages (French, English and Polish).

Concurrently, several activities (street interviews, conferences, questions on social networks) are put in place in order to collect the opinion of the European citizens from the 10 countries regarding history, values and future European issues.

In the end, the booklet and collected opinions will be brought together in a digital and educational tool in Prezi format.

The partners meet with the experts and citizens representatives: in February 2016 in Paris during a preliminary meeting, and then for 5 meetings to draft the booklet (in April 2016 Warsaw, June 2016 in Sofia, September 2016 in Belgrade, December 2016 in Ljubljana, January 2017 in Barcelona, March 2017 in Bucharest and May 2017 in Paris)

The impact of this project results from the booklet and the digital tool. They guarantee wide dissemination and allow teachers and educators to have access to a pedagogical tool and teaching aid. Our relays, in civil society, in formal and in non formal education, are the first beneficiaries of these tools. They will in turn spread the information.

The quality of the project is guaranteed by the cooperation between experienced partners, which call on experts and citizens from 10 different European countries.

The opinion report from Bosnia and Herzegovina is available here: Opinion report – Bosnia and Herzegovina


Civil Rights Defenders is an international human rights organisation based in Sweden that defends people’s civil and political rights and works to empower human rights defenders at risk. In the Western Balkans, in accordance with our Regional Strategy, the organisation closely co-operates with a number of human rights organisations. We also advocate for improvements in the realm of human rights in the Western Balkans, both with regard to the general public and decision-makers. In addition to long-term support, we organise a variety of events, participate in coalitions with local partners, and conduct other joint advocacy and lobbying actions. Providing capacity building support and other kinds of assistance to human rights defenders is also part of our activities, in addition to publishing ad hoc reports on human rights in individual countries of the region/WB.


The tasks are varied, and include assisting in administrating the programs and with preparation of various activities and events in Bosnia and Herzegovina, assistance with human rights research and monitoring of countries developments, drafting reports and articles and similar.


  • Eligible are applicants whose university studies include an internship period or applicants who graduated from university in the past year.
  • A genuine interest in human rights and a basic knowledge of Civil Rights Defenders’ work.
  • Good knowledge of the Bosnia and Herzegovina and the human rights landscape in the country.
  • Preferred degree in law, political science, journalism, human rights or equivalent.
  • Fluency in BCHS and English are a must (spoken and written).
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work independently and responsibly.
  • Good drafting skills and experience in writing reports, articles and doing research.
  • Experience of event planning is an asset.

The internship is unpaid and part-time. The internship starts April 1, 2017. The application must be written in English and should include a cover letter and resume. Please send your application to no later than March 19th 2017.