The French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BiH) are inviting you to take part in the “Seminar for Young Political Leaders on Rule of Law and Governance in the European Integration Process of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

The seminar will be held on February 7th, 2017, starting at 13.30h at the EU Info Center premises in Sarajevo.

About the seminar

This seminar is the first event of a training-seminar-program for Young Political Leaders implemented this year by the French Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Youth Initiative for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina (YIHR BiH). The aim of the program is to favor larger debate and deeper knowledge of Young Political Leaders on major challenges for Bosnia and Herzegovina, such as European integration, rule of law and governance, youth future and mobility.

This program is organized as part of activities related to the Political Youth Network (PYN) members from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Except PYN members, the program will be attended by representatives of other youth branches of political parties from Bosnia and Herzegovina and civil society representatives which work is related to political education of young people or the EU integration process.

The seminar for Young Political Leaders will consist of discussions with national and international stakeholders regarding the EU integration process including Members of Parliaments of Bosnia and Herzegovina and France, EU Special Representative officers and CSO representatives.

The essence of this seminar is to gather Young Political Leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina of various ideological backgrounds to discuss two of very important issues in the EU integration process of Bosnia and Herzegovina such as rule of law and governance with local and international stakeholders.

Registration process

Each PYN member can register two (2) high profile participant and recommend up to two (2) more participants for the meeting. Non-PYN organizations can register one (1) high profile participant and recommend one (1) more participant for the meeting. Registered and recommended participants should not be older than 30. All registrations and recommendations must be sent to until February 5th, 23.59h, with following information about registered and recommended participants:

  • name and surname,
  • phone number and e-mail, and
  • position within political party and/or youth branch.

About PYN

The Political Youth Network (PYN) is an international network of youth organizations operating as a part of, or as a subsidiary organization of political parties from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Kosovo, Montenegro and Serbia that was established in 2014. PYN counts today 31 members, 8 of them from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Members have agreed to pursue the following goals and values:

  1. education of young politicians in the field of human rights and the importance of its advocacy;
  2. encouraging cross-border exchange of knowledge and experiences;
  3. training of practical political skills;
  4. enhancing regional cooperation between politically engaged youth in the area of dealing with the past and transitional justice;
  5. achieving greater participation of young people in policymaking processes;
  6. increasing overall standards of political communication among the political rivals.

More information about the PYN can be found on the following web site:

Political Youth Members from Bosnia and Herzegovina after the 2nd General Assembly in 2015:

  • Forum mladih Naše stranke (NS) // Our Party Youth Forum
  • Forum mladih Socijaldemokratske partije BiH (SDP BiH) // Social Democratic Youth
  • Mladež Hrvatske demokratske zajednice 1990 (HDZ 1990) // Youth of the Croatian Democratic Union 1990
  • Savjet mladih Partije demokratskog progresa (PDP) // Democratic Progress Party Youth Council
  • Mladi socijaldemokrati Saveza nezavisnih socijaldemokrata (SNSD) // Young Social Democrats of the Party of Independent Social Democrats
  • Mreža mladih Saveza za bolju budućnost BiH (SBB BiH) // Union for Better Future Youth Network
  • Stranka za Bosnu i Hercegovinu (SBiH) // Party for Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Demokratska fronta (DF) // Democratic Front

You can find the draft agenda of the seminar here.

For more information or any questions, please contact:

Rasim Ibrahimagić on or 061/294-221, or

Catherine Palpant on


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