Date of training: March 2019

Deadline for offers:  24th February 2019
Location: Sarajevo, BiH
Language requirements: English; BCS is an asset
Duration of assignment: ca. 8 days (2 preparation-design of training, 3 days training in Sarajevo, 1 day final reporting and 2 days of post mentoring)

Budget: The maximum amount of budget foreseen for this training is 5.000,00 BAM gross (this includes daily fees, travel and accommodation).



YIHR BiH empowers young people to take part on socio-political developments, educates them to think critically and to get actively engaged in social changes. In addition to that YIHR BiH builds new connections between young people in BiH but also in the region, paying special attention to the inclusion of divided communities and encourages regional co-operation of young people from different countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Due to the increase of projects YIHRBH is looking for a qualified trainer to provide external support to its staff with a specific focus on project cycle management skills.

Objectives and scope of the assignment

YIHRBiH is looking for an experienced trainer who has experience in project cycle management training with the goal to increase the YIHRBiH staff’s capacity in project development and project implementation.

The training aims to provide YIHRBiH staff with a complete set of competencies, techniques, tools and good practices for managing all project life-cycle phases: project identification, preparation, implementation/monitoring and evaluation but also financial plan and budget monitoring.


We are looking for a specialist who understands the local context but also the donor requirements in the local context. The support will be provided in the form of a three-day training, coaching and tool development. The number of foreseen participants at the training will be 7 staff members.

Role and tasks of the expert

In order to achieve these objectives, YIHR expects the consultantto:

  1. Design a tailored PCM training
  • Role: review relevant YIHRBiH project documentation and consult YIHRBiH’s team to identify individual PCM needs and expectations
  • Deliverable: Development of a detailed training agenda for discussion with YIHRBiH’s leadership which will include the following phases:
    • project identification, preparation, implementation/monitoring and evaluation but also financial plan and budget monitoring. (2 days)
  1. Deliver a tailored face-to-face training with the YIHRBiH team
  • Role: Facilitate an interactive training to the YIHRBiH team(3 days)
  1. Deliver a training report
  • Deliverables: Based on the insights gained through the delivery of the training, the expert is expected to share a brief training report, outlining specific findings and actionable recommendations on where and how to further strengthen internal project management capacities. (1 day)
  1. Provide mentoring/coaching support
  • Role: Following the delivery of the training, the expert is expected to remain available to provide up to 2 days of coaching support to YIHRBiH’s team members. This will include comments and suggestions to designed project proposals/project implementation. (2 days)

Timelines and location

This assignment is expected to require8consultancy days (design: 2 days; delivery: 3 days, training report: 1 day and mentoring: 2days). The Project cycle management training should take place in March in Sarajevo while the mentoring support is expected to be provided mainly between March and April/May 2019.


  • In depth experience (minimum 10 years) and proven track record in project management
  • Proven track record in capacity-building and knowledge transfer
  • Experience with participatory methods
  • Excellent facilitation and mentoring/coaching skills
  • Excellent command of English language
  • Familiarity with and ability to explainlogical framework approach


  • Fluency in BCS will be considered an asset
  • Familiarity with YIHR’s field of work
  • Familiarity and understanding of the BiH context


Application process

If you are interested in this assignment, your application needs to includeaCV; a cover letter  outlining your  relevant skills and experiences, proposed methodology and financial offer (including fees, travel and accommodation). The candidates should also provide the contact details of two references/previous clients who are able to comment on your ability to strengthen PCM capacities.


Please submit your proposal by 24th February 2019 to with the subject line: Proposal PCM training and First Name and Last Name.