YIHR BiH is looking for a programme design expert

YIHR BiH is looking for a programme design expert

Timeframe of assignment            November 20th-December 15th, 2020

Deadline for offers:                         November 11th, 2020
Location:                                              Sarajevo, BiH
Language requirements:               English; BCS is an asset 
Duration of assignment:                ca. 5 days


About YIHR BiH

YIHR BiH empowers young people to take part in socio-political developments, educates them to think critically and to get actively engaged in social change. In addition to that YIHR BiH builds new connections between young people in BiH but also in the region, paying special attention to the inclusion of divided communities and encourages regional co-operation of young people from different countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Background of the assignment

YIHR adopted a new organisational strategy[1] for the period 2020-2022. Under this strategy, YIHR BIH is implementing three programs:

  1. Reconciliation through the affirmation of transitional justice and the culture of remembrance
  2. Strengthening youth activism
  3. Antifascism 2.0


YIHR BiH is aware that the effective implementation of these programs will partly hinge on its cross-cutting ability to work and support youth in local/remote communities all across Bosnia & Herzegovina.  Local/remote communities indicate underdeveloped, mono or bi-ethnic (divided) communities in which young people do not have opportunities to organize and carry out youth activism actions and activities as well as communities in which, due to economic and political circumstances, there is a clear lack of municipal programmes to support youth.

Through the support of a programme design expert, YIHR BiH seeks to refine and finalise a dedicated engagement strategy for its work in local communities. More specifically, this assignment should enable YIHR to:

  • Jointly discuss the lessons learned from YIHR’s previous work in remote communities and how to build on these for future activities
  • Confirm the priority locations in which YIHR will seek to consolidate and expand this community work in 2021-2022 (based on clear prioritisation criteria)
  • Identify which kind of youth-led activities and methodologies have most impact potential and should be prioritised in the next 2 years
  • Finalise its 2021 plan for its work in remote communities (initial activities; required financial and human resources, etc.)

Scope and deliverables of the consultant

To enable YIHR BiH to meet the above-mentioned objectives, the consultant is expected to:

  • Review key documents (organisational strategy; programme design options for work in local communities) and engage with YIHR’s programme director to identify the remaining priority questions
  • Develop an agenda for a 2-day programme design workshop[2] and facilitate it in a participatory manner. When appropriate, the consultant will also be expected to provide inputs and offer feedback on the ideas developed by the team
  • Write up a final report consisting of: a) findings and conclusions of the programme design workshop b) feedback and recommendations of the consultant regarding the finalisation and implementation of the strategy. The latter should address how the proposed methodologies, activities, and the youth that are involved in them will benefit from and contribute to YIHR programmes.


Duration and timeframe

  • This mandate is expected to require 5 consultancy days (preparation for the workshop: 1 day; facilitation of the workshop: 2 days; follow-up: 2 days)
  • The consultant is expected to provide his/her accompaniment in November with the report to be submitted by December 15.


  • Excellent knowledge of youth issues and remote communities within the BiH political and social context
  • Demonstrated programme design and programme implementation experience, ideally in relation with YIHR’s fields of work (Dealing with the Past, human rights advocacy, youth activism)
  • Demonstrated experience in working directly with youth and/or designing youth-led activities, particularly those that go beyond changing attitudes and are conducive to changing behaviours.
  • Excellent facilitation skills and experience with participatory methods
  • Any track record with community outreach in ‘remote locations in the Western Balkans will be considered an asset
  • Fluency in BCS will be considered an asset


Application process

If you are interested in this assignment, your application needs to include a CV; a cover letter outlining your relevant skills and experiences, proposed methodology and financial offer. The candidates should also provide the contact details of two references/previous clients who are able to comment on your programme development capacities. The consultant’s proposal should also confirm his/her ability to travel to Sarajevo or should spell out the envisaged online methodology in case travel is not possible.

Please submit your proposal by November 11th, 2020 to prijave@yihr.org with the subject line: Proposal programme design and First Name and Last Name. 

[1] Organizational strategy will be shared with the selected consultant.

[2] The programme design workshop is anticipated to take place in Sarajevo in November, COVID-19 restrictions permitting.